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God has given us two gifts:      
One is choice and another is chance. 
Choice is to select a good one and 
Chance is to have the "best one".
I asked God to keep U hapi..
He said, "Ok, only for 4 days."
I said, "Ok, summer, winter, rainy and spring days."
He said, "No, only for 3 days."
I said, "Ok, yesterday, today & tomorrow."
He said, "No, only for 2 days."
I said, "Day & night!"
He said, "No, only 1 day."
I said, "Ok, everyday."
God laughed and said, "Ok!"


Aktuelles von den Philippinen, 08.07.2014, Typhoon GLENDA
news from the Philippines


summer vacation with Grace 


18.04. - 02.06.2013


vacation with Grace 


April - May 2012


Airport Legaspi with Mt Mayon

vacation with Grace 


April - May 2010


vulcano Mt. Mayon

vacation with Grace 


January 2009


Airport Manila

The Program 

The Graduation


in Bulan Church 31.05.2013


Graduation day after 

Vacation Church School


Church in Irosin 18.05.2013


mein Urlaub auf den Philippinen / 
my vacation in the Philippines
Feb 2013


cleaning the church in Irosin


mein Urlaub auf den Philippinen / 
my vacation in the Philippines
Dec 2012/Jan 2013


in the church in Irosin




Grace in Hong Kong, April 2008

crossing in Irosin                                                     busy in the office

the store of Claire
in Satelite Market, Legaspi

  Dear Claire, Love, Girly, Myra, Zyra, Deod, Marnelli, Sharon, Joland and Dan
Mabuhay! Yaon ka ngunyan sa
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Tag der letzten Aktualisierung 08.07.2014.